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The Second Walkout at Temple, February 28th

An interview with TUGSA, Temple Grad Students Launch Repeated Walkouts in February

Pirates, Community and Christiania— A Conversation with Author and Activist Tauno Biltsted

"Sun Spotted In Ireland" (Alternate Ireland Anthology, the Emerald Isles, Sea Lion Press)

Tina Ovcharenko kept a copy of the Syndicalist Review pinned to the inside door of her small apartment above the Makhnovist Free Territory embassy in Dublin: “SUN SPOTTED (BRIEFLY) IN IRELAND”. Read more...

"The Many Deaths of Nestor Makhno" PM PRESS

Legends and folk heroes often pass into myth and immortality through the simple mechanism of avoiding death, or, more often, being pronounced dead when they are very much alive. Read more...

One Foot Wrong: An Alternate History of the Siege of Forli
Appears in Sea Lion Press
On Christmas Day, 1499, about a week into the siege of Forli, Caterina Sforza played a bluff. Caterina knew that the pope wanted to conquer her lands to enrich the Borgia papal dynasty—she said as much in her letters...Read More

In Mixcoatl's Net

Appears in Podcastle

Sunny abandoned her house the day after she buried Anna and struck out for the western metropolis of...READ MORE

Tindalos Inc.

Appears in Pickman's Press

Augusta sat at her desk, twirling a pen between fingertips while the hardware reset after the sevent...READ MORE


Appears in Ellipsis Zine

He did the natural thing: he tore himself in half length-wise. It seemed like a good idea. “About ti...READ MORE

Krish’s New Pet

Appears in Bewildering Stories

Krish went to the pound-zoo, galumphing as she galloped across the trans-dimensional plains. She tr...READ MORE

The Cat-eyed Man and the Brass Woman

Appears in The Stone Coast Review

If you ever visit New Valencia-on-the-Water, about an hour’s train ride from the capital, you’ll se...READ MORE


Appears in Ellipsis Zine

Creation begins with one body, torn in half to make the earth and the heavens. Doesn’t matter which ...READ MORE


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