Quite a bit has happened since my last post (a mere 6-month interregnum!).

I'll condense it into a few main points.

  1. I've signed a contract with PM PRESS! It turns out they saw my work on Nestor Makhno and have asked me to adapt my video and blog series on the Ukrainian anarchist into a book. The plan is to make a generally accessible (even funny at times) text that a non-specialist in anarchist history can enjoy as a first step into the subject.
So like this classic 20th century text, but with more anarchy, horses and attempted assassination of clowns. Yes, I'm being serious. The Russian civil war was WEIRD.

2. I'm about halfway through the Makhno Manuscript (10/20 chapters exist in rough draft form).

3. The book is going to be illustrated by the incomparable N.O. Bonzo, whose work can be found here.

4. Through a lot of help from a wide variety of people, Osugi Sakae's final essay on Nestor Makhno has now been translated into English and is freely available at the Kate Sharpley Library!

5. I am both very excited and very tired. As a result, I've kept my head down and largely stayed off the internet. I may post a few one shot blogs based on some historical storytelling I've done (I'm particularly excited to write about the Sabate brothers), but that's about the extent of my online presence for the foreseeable.